Cover Letter Letter of motivation Motivaciono pismo propratno pismo

Letter of motivation sample – Junior Project Officer



Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to apply for the position of Part Junior Project officer that you have recently advertised at Poslovi. I have read the offer thoroughly and I feel I am more than suitable for this position, since I am academically and personally qualified to contribute to your needs.

The project mentioned in the offer is something I am already familiar and have experience with: as you can see from my CV, I have graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad and have been tutoring persons of various ages– which means a strong academic and empirical background in pedagogy and highly developed social skills. Most of that work was done with adults, but I have also taught children, where in particular I would like to emphasize that I have worked for two years in a kindergarten which is specialized for children with disabilities.

My other qualifications include various jobs where I have gained first-hand experience in project and event organization and management (cultural events and show-business), so I am familiar with all aspects of similar engagements, especially the financial and administrative responsibilities. I find it very interesting and agreeable, since I am said to be very sociable and communicative, as well as highly empathetic and flexible.

What you will probably find most interesting is that three years ago I was actually engaged in a similar project – that is, my title was the same as the title of the position you are offering. It was during a seminar held at most Serbian schools, aimed at young people at a very important stage of their lives (choosing careers and further education), meant to implement open-mindedness, cultural tolerance, team work and cooperation, as well as self-awareness and intellectual independence. The seminar lasted for one month (with an additional month of pre-preparation and training) and it involved workshops, discussions and various beneficial activities – all done within a team of people of different ages and backgrounds. The experience was very time and energy-consuming, but I found it extremely rewarding since I was able to use my previous experiences and personal skills to the maximum. Both the organization team and the students involved were more than satisfied with our achievements.

The position you are advertising seems like a similar opportunity, only on a much more professional level and with high responsibilities, which I can assure you I am more than ready to take on. I have most of my professional time been self-employed and independent, so I am very well organized and quick-witted, and I am sure you will find my qualities and experience useful. Also, since the position involves a lot of travelling, you will be happy to learn that I am an active driver with a clean record and my own vehicle.

I am looking forward to your reply and, hopefully, an interview. You will find my CV attached.

Kind regards